Great Pizzas In The Making For Over 40 Years, that's Alpha Foods Co., Inc. Delicious pizza doesn't just happen overnight. It takes more that that. It takes many years of experience, extensive knowledge of the business and flexibility to meet the changing needs of your customers. These are the things that have enabled Alpha Foods Co., Inc. to grow and gain respect as the industry leader in the field of superior quality pizza and Italian food products that we manufacture and distribute worldwide.

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Alpha Foods Co. will Support Your Efforts to establish "The Best There is in Pizza" in your school districts, universities, grocery stores, convenience stores or specialty restaurants by offering our work famous renown Sgt. Pepperoni's Branded Concept without any cost or franchise fee for the use of our logo, marketing support and staff training. Sgt. Pepperoni’s has an endless variety of delicious pizza products available to support your efforts in establishing the best tasting and most enjoyed pizza program ever in your establishments.

"The Best there is in Pizza" can be yours.